About Us


This Action Miniatures website was start on January 18th, 2015!

This Action Miniatures website is about sharing the multiple action games that this Action Board product along with electric football bases can do to give current toy miniature figures motion. Also it is setup for people to share their feedback/ideas for other toy miniature figures and games to play on this action board.

We feel this action board product could add more value to the current toy miniature figures out there by giving them MOTION! This all comes down to your feedback and support. If people like this, then the value of it will grow. You can help support us on our Action Miniatures Facebook Community page located in the link to the right of this page. ———->

The Action Board product design is based off of Tudor Games Electric Football game set. In other words it is a vibrating board that makes miniature figures move when you put a electric football base on them. We are using this action board product as an idea what a product like this can do with current copyright toy miniature figure products out there to add value to those toy products.

We feel by doing all this will help advertise our electric football hobby to people and maybe at the same time have us playing other types of games on a vibrating board than just football games. We shall see.