Lego Figures


Welcome to the Lego Figures in motion page! With Lego figures you can play multiple kinds of action games on our action board product. This page will have videos showing different kinds of action games being played with Lego figures in MOTION!

This video is our first Lego video we made to share how our new mini Action Board product can play multiple action games with Lego figures in motion. Note mini Action Board is not for sale. More information at the bottom of this page.

This video shows a Lego battle game in motion.

This video shows a Lego capture the flag game in motion.

This video shows a Lego jousting game in motion.

This video shows a Lego football game in motion.


If you would like to get your Lego figures to play any of these action games above, then go to our “Action Board” page to show you where you can buy the products to have your Lego figures move in motion. Note, we have nothing to sell. We are just showing a product idea that you can put together or buy the Electric Football game set to play action games with your Lego figures.