Football Figures

Welcome to the miniature Football Figures page (AKA Electric Football Figures)! This “Action Miniatures” idea was started with these miniature football figures in motion by a game called “Electric Football”. The Electric Football game has been out before video games. Here is a quick video of Tudor Games the maker of Electric Football.

Here is a Los Angeles Electric Football League (LAEFL) video that will show some highlights of miniature football figures running some plays in motion! Enjoy!

This video below will go over how you can play a zone with these miniature football figures along with some rules of the game. The field in this video is a bigger custom metal electric football field. The bigger the field, the more room it gives these miniature football figures to run. Zone comes in handy on these bigger boards, as you will see in this video.

This video below shows a kick return in Electric Football for a Touchdown!

This video below shows an Electric Football interception using passing sticks. The goal with passing sticks is to lead your WR by having your WR run in to that orange poll. Most people use a magnetic football rather than that orange poll. But #44 on the Saints ran in to it before the Colts WR for an interception.

If you want more information about Electric Football or buy some stuff, then click any of the Electric Football links to the right of this screen. ———>