Action Board

This page will go over the new “Action Board” product. This “Action Board” product is the main engine along with Electric Football bases for this Action Miniatures website direction. The two kinds of bases we use are ITZ bases and Tudor Games invisibases (Cleats). Here is a link to them.

ITZ Bases Link:

Tudor Games Invisibases (Cleats) link:

This Action Board product will give all the different miniature toy figures motion along with multiple action playing games with them. Here is a video of the action board in action! NOTE: The Action Board is not for sale. It would be to much work for me to build and ship it out to people. I am here to share the idea what a product like this can do and how you can buy the Tudor Games Electric Football game set to make this idea work too with out building an Action Board.

NOTE: You do not need to build this Action Board to have your toy miniatures in motion. You can buy a Electric Football game set to do the same thing. This will save you money and time on building one. Here is a video that will show you the most affordable Electric Football game you can buy.

Toys R Us Electric Football game set seen in the video above:

Other Electric Football game sets can be found at Tudor Games located here:

Tudor Games older metal Electric Football game sets can be found on ebay: