Welcome to Action Miniatures! This website was started on January 18th, 2015.

This Action Miniatures website is about making action games with different kinds of toy miniature figures in motion. We can make this happen by interacting Electric Football game style of play with toy miniature figures. So far we are using miniature figures from Lego, OYO Sports, Teenymates, Electric Football and Medieval figures.

Our “Action Board” product (AKA Electric Football Set) along with Electric Football bases and miniature figures will make all this happen. See the Action Board in action in the video below.

We now have a Action Miniatures Facebook community page for anyone that would like to help support us. A simple thing you can do to help support us is just click that “Like” button if you like our direction we are going. It is also setup for you to give your ideas, feedback or even share your videos of your miniature figures in motion. Come join us! Our Facebook community page link is located to the top right of this page.